Just about every back yard in Australia has a Hills Hoist; well now you can also have their high speed broadband. The Chairman of Hills Industries, Ms Jennifer Hill-Ling, recently announced that an agreement has been signed with the owners of Opticomm to acquire 50% of their company.

Opticomm is an emerging provider of Fibre to the Home solutions in Australia and already has several estates under contract in South Australia and Queensland to deliver Internet, Voice, Television and Pay-TV services to homes and multi-residential developments.

Opticomm has the technology and expertise to install fibre backbones for developers seeking to provide their potential customers with the latest in high speed voice, data and video services. Their business model is based on an open access regime, providing consumers a choice of which services to install and from which provider.

Fibre To The Home (FTTH) systems are being rapidly deployed around the world, and in Australia there is a ground swell of interest.

Opticomm is well positioned to participate in the growth of FTTH technologies with the usual Internet and Telephone services, but also the emerging services like IPTV, Video on Demand, Video Security and eHealth.

Opticomm has great expertise but its lack of financial resource made it difficult for major developers to commit to their services. The acquisition by the multi billion dollar Hills will enable the business to grow rapidly and will give developers the comfort that Hills stands behind the company.


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