To promote the development of Fibre to the Home in Australia and New Zealand, we have created Google Maps referenced community list. Each community includes the size, developer, technology, location, status and in some cases note on the project.

This is a new version of our Australian and New Zealand FTTH communities map that provides a fully interactive display with a menu bar alphabetically listing each community which is index by state.

Click on the image below to start the interactive application.

Information contained in this map is copyright and cannot be used for any commercial purpose without prior permission of the author.

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Established Estate Pilot/Trial Proposed Private Village

Markers with a bullet hole are Telstra Velocity estates

Statistics (updated 28th July 2008)
There are 160,000 homes in 141 communities across Australia and New Zealand that are either connected (or will be connected in the coming years) to Fibre to the Home. Queensland leads the way in the number of communities (41) followed closely by Western Australia (36). Victoria is next on 15 then New South Wales with 14. However Western Australia has the most number of homes connected (4710) by far.

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As far as service providers, there are 18 unique providers delivering services using FTTH in Australia and New Zealand; and Telstra is certainly leading the way with 99 estates representing 58% of the total, followed by BES with 7 estates. The other providers such as Opticomm, Pivit, and Arise have around 3-4 estates each.

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At 09 February, 2008 17:02 Anonymous said...

This is a great map

At 16 February, 2008 15:57 Stephen Davies said...

Tasmania now completed. Just NSW and QLD to finish

At 18 February, 2008 09:35 Anonymous said...

Do you want to add commercial/industrial communities as wel or just residential?

If commercial as well, you can add Brisbane Airport Corporation.

At 18 February, 2008 12:59 Stephen Davies said...

At this point in time, just the residential. There are too many suburbs/business parks/industrial estates covered by the likes of Pipe, Amcom, UEcomm, Silk, Optus, Telstra, et al.

At 18 February, 2008 20:05 Stephen Davies said...

New Zealand sites have now been included into the communities map. New Zealand has been very slow in the development of Fibre to the Home, although there are now four sites currently announced or launched.

At 25 February, 2008 22:45 Stephen Davies said...

Update on New Zealand - two TelecomNZ sites were found and added, plus TNZ are talking about two more sites in Christchurch and Queenstown.

At 12 March, 2008 13:47 Stephen Davies said...

Queensland finished and added more sites to New South Wales.

If anyone has additional sites to add or corrections to make, please let me know.

At 19 March, 2008 10:01 Anonymous said...

The Mt Barker, SA, One (Bluestone) will be here,+mt+barker&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=36.094886,64.423828&ie=UTF8&ll=-35.087502,138.865342&spn=0.018225,0.031457&z=15

IE In the area where there are no roads currently.

At 19 March, 2008 10:30 Stephen Davies said...

Thanks for that. I knew that site was a little wrong, but could not find any details of the exact location.

At 30 March, 2008 10:35 Anonymous said...

Nice maps, thanks

Just for completeness, Tascolt project offers Free to Air TV as well. Gaming channels as well, but not yet activated (and won't be for trial)

At 07 April, 2008 14:34 Anonymous said...

The Solis site is apparently for sale, so it may not go ahead in its current form.,22884,23387715-3462,00.html

At 08 April, 2008 22:33 Scott said...

Very nice map. Would you mind if your information was included in the World of Fiber collaborative map? With an attribution to your site, of course.

At 20 June, 2008 15:19 Anonymous said...

Very nice map!

Is it possible to get it in a spreadsheet or similar type of format?

At 21 June, 2008 11:30 Stephen Davies said...

Hi Tim,

You need to contact me directly via to make that request.

Yes I have the information in a spreadsheet, but I will not make it publicly available.

At 21 June, 2010 12:04 Anonymous said...


Does anyone have an idean when FTTH will be rolled out @ a new estate developed by VicUrban - Vally Lake Estate?


At 27 April, 2011 07:27 Oran Park user said...

HI the map seems to be not working, I click on a balloon and get error, so cannot drill down, any ideas?

At 15 May, 2011 20:12 Stephen Davies said...

Fixed. My account had expired

At 15 May, 2011 20:13 Stephen Davies said...

I will update this map in the coming weeks.


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