According to several residential in the Genesis estate on the Gold Coast "for the second time in 4 weeks, Telstra's Fibre to the Home network (Velocity) has gone down for a period of over 24 hours"

A posting on Whirlpool by one of the residents called Sleeves claimed at "around 1:00pm Queensland time on Friday 8th of February, all internet and phone connectivity went down throughout the estate, although Foxtel continued to remain operational (as long as the STB was not rebooted). Telstra informed one resident that the service may not be up until Thursday 14th of February."

The topic on whirlpool [Telstra Velocity issues] also includes complaints about the cost and lack of options that a Telstra Smart Community offers the residents.

There have also been similar problems and complaints in other Telstra BPON based trial sites including Martha Cove in Victoria. The fact that such frequent downtime in a short timeframe on a network designed from the bottom up by Telstra does not inspire confidence that they will be able to do this effectively on a nationwide scale.


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