Satterley Property Group, one of the largest developers in Western Australia, recently signed an agreement with Telstra to provide their Smart Community Velocity package based on Fibre to the Home technology.

So important was this agreement, which includes all Satterley developments of more than 300 lots, Telstra Chief Executive Sol Trujillo visited Perth to ink the deal with Satterley chief Nigel Satterley.

Residents at The Green at Brighton in Butler and Heron Park in Forrestdale will be among the first recipients to receive the full range of Telstra services delivered by optic fibre. Other estates, such as Dalyellup near Capel and Provence in Busselton, are likely to follow.

Mr Satterley said "As part of our agreement, fibre optic technology will be installed in each estate and homeowners who take up the offer will receive a $1500 rebate towards eligible Telstra services, including fixed line phone and high speed internet.”

While deploying Fibre to the Home in a community provides a great benefit, the downside of a Smart Community agreement is the residents who purchase homes in an estate are limited to Telstra products and services.

Telstra has a number of estates around Australia under Smart Community contracts.


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