Japan's encumbent carrier, NTT, has been rolling out its FTTH network since 2001. At the first AsiaPac Fibre to the Home conference held in Tokyo back in 2006, I had a tour of NTT to see just how they were delivering their fibre services. What amazed me was their target of 30 million subscribers by 2010.

The bad news is, as of September last year NTT is lagging behind its schedule of new connections and they ONLY had 10.5 million subscribers. Subsequently NTT has slashed is projection from 30 million to 20 million by 2010. I think by 2010 Australia will be lucky to have 30,000 FTTH subscribers.

What is most interesting is the continued fall in the number of DSL subscribers as their FTTH network takes over. By the mid this year, there will be more FTTH connections in Japan than DSL - and we still kept talking about FTTN!


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