In an article published by Business Spectator, Alan Kohler describes his interview with Senator Conroy:

“We're very, very keen to encourage fibre-to-the-home. The benefits of fibre-to-the-home, when you combine it with smart metering, is that you could be demand-managing electricity supplies, water supplies and gas supplies. The impact on greenhouse gas production just from those sorts of technologies, if you combine these sorts of things, is very, very exciting. Fibre-to-the-home has some wonderful potential, but it is more costly and people have got to build the business case – they can't expect that the Government is going to give more than $4.7 billion.”

Perhaps there is hope yet that FTTH will get up as the main proposal.

On Thursday I will be attending a round table hosted by Paul Budde, at which an industry body will present to Senator Conroy our "Industry Vision on the National Broadband Network Plan". Simon Perkins from Silk Telecom will also be in attendance presenting on Smart metering and how FTTH can help.


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