BIGPOND chief Justin Milne says Telstra is the best placed organisation to deliver a high-speed national broadband network, as promised by the federal Government.

In this article by AustralianIT,24897,23387736-15306,00.html Mr Milne said "I can't see how anybody other than Telstra can build a big, scaled and reliable broadband service for Australia because it is such a hard thing to do" further adding "It's a huge project ... it relies on a whole bunch of existing infrastructure and clearly Telstra is the right firm to do that job"

I think Telstra's arogance just took another step higher. There are many capable organisations around Australia who could deliver a more than suitable and reliable network - perhaps even using better technology than currently deployed by Telstra.

I am certainly no "Telstra basher" like many in the ICT industry, but I do critise them for some of their decisions and actions. Sure, Telstra currently has the outside plant infrastructure that would make it easy for them to deliver a Next Generation Broadband network. However the use of overhead powerlines, installation of cable during undergrounding of power, access through sewers, OPGW, micro trenching are options that could be used to deliver an alternative infrastructure without touching Telstra's network. These are technics that have been used in the USA, Europe and Japan, so why could we not do the same in Australia.


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