APRIL 7, 2008 – GPON chip vendor BroadLight has announced delivery of PONMaker 4.0 software which provides an in service upgrade to BL2000-based optical network terminations (ONTs), enabling advanced bridging functions to meet the high demands of QoS-rich, triple-play applications.

One of the critisms I have always levelled at GPON was its lack of IPTV support. Yes, vendors like Alcatel will deny any such issues and will show it working to you in proof of concepts. However once you actually start to test the solution in a production environment the lack of the MAC bridging functional caused many problems - just ask TransACT how their Alcatel GPON deployment is fairing with IPTV.

The technology was quite specific for the Home market as previous versions did not support QinQ or Transparent Lan Service (TLS) functionality. Thus GPON technology could not be used in a typical business services environment like many of the GEPON deployments in Australia and United States (Silk operates GEPON in Perth as its last mile access network).

Finally the typical PPPoE functionality that is used in DSL networks today, did not work to specification (as per DSL forum Technical Standard TR-101). An important aspect of integrating any new technology into your existing network is to minimise disruption to existing high layer protocols (such as PPPoE) and authentication mechanisms.

PONMaker 4.0 is designed to leverage the capabilities of the BL2000's embedded network processor, enabling service providers to implement new services (or fix existing services) using the various GPON service models with the required performance on their installed base of ONTs.

"GPON deployments have accelerated with the leading carriers around the globe and our devices have opened new service capabilities for them," said Doron Tal, BroadLight's vice president of business development and product management. "Our own embedded Runner network processor in the widely used BL2000 series of SoCs along with PONMaker 4.0 enables our customers to adapt quickly to their customer's needs."

BroadLight's PONMaker 4.0 features GPON-Ethernet bridging to address triple-play deployment requirements. PONMaker 4.0 supports IPTV MAC bridging and IGMP filtering, transparent LAN services (TLS), GPON Encapsulation Mode (GEM) port mapping, and traffic management. It also is designed to enable GPON multi-dwelling unit (MDU) applications with wire-speed connection rates, enhanced Ethernet flow classification with QoS and multicast capabilities, and provisioning to facilitate implementations of TR-101 requirements.

We wait to see how long it takes to rollout.


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