Press Release: 22 May 2008

The Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Senator Stephen Conroy, today announced that parties participating in the National Broadband Network process will have 12 weeks to consider network information from the date all material is made available.

“In February, I wrote to carriers seeking the voluntary disclosure of network information. All carriers either have or are working towards providing this information in a timely manner and I welcome this cooperative approach,” Senator Conroy said.

“Telstra has provided some network information however despite its best efforts some information is not yet available.”

“The provision of network information is vital to allow potential proponents to build the network to compete on an equal basis.”

“The National Broadband Network represents this nation's single largest investment in broadband infrastructure. It is important that interested parties have adequate time to make use of information about existing infrastructure,” Senator Conroy said.

For this reason the Government will ensure potential proponents will have 12 weeks to consider network information before being required to lodge their proposals. The Government will amend the Request for Proposals to reflect this timetable.


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