The FTTH Council Asia-Pacific is a non-profit organization established in 2005. The organization is building on the success of its sister organizations in the US and Europe to educate the industry and the general public on the opportunities and benefits of FTTH solutions. FTTH Council Asia-Pacific members represent all areas of broadband industries, including telecommunications, computing, networking, system integration, engineering and content-provider companies, as well as traditional telecommunications service providers, utilities and municipalities.

As a member of the FTTH Council, I find the organisation provides valuable incite into the FTTH industry in the Asia Pacific region. Unlike the other Councils, the AsiaPac council covers some 40 countries with different political, economic and demographic issues.

Considering Australia's current telecommunications climate, I am gathering support to establish an Australian sub-chapter of the FTTH council to concentrate on particular needs. In terms of high speed broadband network capability, we are one of the worst performing economically developed countries in our region, and particular attention needs to be placed on the education, promotion and acceleration of FTTH in this country.

Anyone interested in joining the Australian sub-chapter of the FTTH council please contact me at

About the FTTH Council

The FTTH Council Asia-Pacific consists of approximately 45 company member and 180 delegates and a seven-member Board of Directors.

The Council has 5 working committees, each of which focus on developing the case for Fibre connectivity through a range of materials, and drive member value and Council activities.

Membership to the FTTH Council is open to companies interested in leading the FTTH revolution! Any company, business entity, non-profit organization, academia or individual that is involved in the development, production, deployment, service, maintenance or analysis of FTTH networks or FTTH network components is welcomed as a our member.

Our mission is to educate, promote and accelerate FTTH and the resulting economic and quality-of-life enhancements.

Supply a consistent and accurate view of FTTH. Promote FTTH market development. Be recognized by the industry as the FTTH resource


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