The Telecom Wholesale (NZ) annouced in April the formally trial of a wholesale Broadband over Fibre product.

According to their wholesale product roadmap dated April 08: "This project develops the capability to offer broadband services over fibre optics, in particular, to ensure that the requirements of new fibre-only subdivisions can be met. The service is in development and we have commenced a pilot of broadband over fibre products."

The service is planned to be piloted from April 2008 with product available for wholesale customers in late 2008. Details of the product are yet to be released.

Back in February, Tim Pegler, Broadband Portfolio Manager, was the keynote presenter at one of Telecom Wholesale's regular breakfast briefings. A video of his presentation on their FTTH plan is available at

Currently Telecom Wholesale have 4850 lots across the country under contract to be deployed over the next 5 years. Details of these development can be viewed at the FTTH Communities Map

Thank-you to Stephen Abbot for point me to the information


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