Several organisations have started to come forward and demand that if Telstra wins the NBN contract, structural separation must form part of the agreement. Naturally TERRiA have made this demand but also JPMorgan analyst Laurent Horrut has made a passing comment when providing a market rating for the organisation.

However, in an interview with ABC Radio National last week Kate McKenzie, Chief Executive of Telstra wholesale, said Telstra’s opposition to structural separation was based on observations of it having not worked anywhere else in the world.

“Basically it hasn't worked anywhere in the world, it never will work anywhere in the world, it will add cost, it will add complexity, and it will get in the way of proper investment in the network going forward,” she said.

Perhaps the best known structural separation is British Telecom (BT) with its network owner/operator OpenReach. Grant Forsyth, Head of Global Regulatory and Interconnection at BT Global Services, made a presentation at ATUG 2008 conference titled "Successes in a Functionally Separated world".. In the presentation he points out there are 8 myths that are frequently pedaled by incumbants to avoid the seperation process. The reality is once seperation occurs, competition, investment and growth occors faster than previously expected.

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