Fibre Network operator Service Elements and their retail service provider FUZECONNECT ( today launched a Fibre-to-the-Home solution for the community at Banksia Grove ( – a master-planned community in a northern suburb of Perth, Western Australia. Banksia Grove residents will be able to receive some of the fastest “residential Internet” packages in Australia.

The project, which commenced in December 2005, will involve the reticulation of fibre throughout the $750 million estate connecting in excess of 3500 homes to television, phone and high speed Internet services over the next 10 years. The project may be extended to over 8000 homes.

FUZECONNECT starter packages will give residents up to $1600 worth of discounts, which includes access to high definition television, voice services and Australia’s fastest residential broadband internet service. Residents can choose from various Internet plans starting from as low as $19.95 up to $149.95 for a 25Mbps symmetrical 100GB plan (something not usually available in residential environments). FUZECONNECT will also be looking at offering customers a video on demand solution, giving residents the ability to download the latest release videos in high definition.

Speaking at the launch, Service Elements CEO Steve Appleby said "The Fibre network we have implemented for the developer and residents at Banksia Grove gives us the ability to deliver applications and services normally not available in residential estates. We will be offering Video on Demand as the estate rolls out and have the ability to increase network speeds as required to keep up with future demands”

Developers of the estate, PRM Property Group and Walker Corporation, have started afresh by avoiding many of the mistakes of past residential developments. Project Manager Jeremy Cordina said “when designing the masterplan for Banksia Grove we wanted to ensure all residents had access to the latest leading edge technology available in the market. After extensive research and looking at solutions from across Australia, we appointed FUZEconnect based on their range of services and world class internet speed options. Our vision is for all homes in Banksia Grove to have access to the fastest and most reliable Internet service available – whether it be for education, employment or recreation. “

“Importantly the fibre optic cable will also provide all free to air analog and digital TV so home owners will not need to install an external TV antenna – saving money and keeping rooflines clean. I’m excited to announce that after years of planning the first homes are now being connected to the Banksia Grove fibre optic cable and we look forward to hearing the feedback from these first residents over the next few months.”


At 04 September, 2010 18:05 Anonymous said...

Be warned, fuzeconnect plans are horribly uncompetitive, but they exploit their monopoly in greenfield estates.
Speeds are well below the expectation for fibre (ADSL1 800kbs etc)

At 16 September, 2010 15:53 Anonymous said...

This is untrue. The current internet speeds are far above ADSL and have never been 800kbps. I have personally obtained download speeds in excess of 20Mbps

At 06 January, 2013 18:53 Anonymous said...

2 years on, and Fuzeconnect still sucks


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