Paris - Alcatel-Lucent recently announced that it has added three new features to its 7342 ISAM Fiber-to-the-User (FTTU) system, covering optical monitoring, metro Ethernet connectivity and remote synchronization capabilities that will further strengthen the company's FTTH solution.

The inclusion of new optical monitoring features enables critical parameters to be measured and recorded for analysis over time. This allows early detection of degradation of optical components and optical fiber in the outside plant, often before service-affecting failures arise and customer satisfaction is impacted.

In addition to optical performance monitoring, the Alcatel-Lucent FTTU platform is now able to connect with metro Ethernet networks by providing a robust set of options for virtual private networking and Ethernet connectivity. This enables service providers to generate new revenue from Ethernet services using fiber to the home and business connectivity.

The third feature added relates to IEEE 1588 timing. This feature provides the necessary synchronization for remote placement of gigabit passive optical network (GPON) systems in outside plant and connectivity of DS1 services. Typically, DS1 connections are used for business termination and mobile backhaul. The addition of a robust set of business services options now enables providers to terminate business and residential subscribers over the same passive optical network.

"The new 7342 ISAM FTTU system capabilities, such as Received Signal Strength Indication (RSSI) optical test and measurement enhancements, support of emerging Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF)-based services, and IEEE 1588 timing for remote GPON OLT synchronization applications, demonstrate that Alcatel- Lucent continues to effectively meet the evolving challenges of operators in the highly competitive FTTx equipment market segment", said Ron Westfall, Research Director, Current Analysis. "Moreover, the new capabilities reinforce and sustain Alcatel-Lucent's proven ability to competitively differentiate its 7342 ISAM FTTU against rival offerings."

Alcatel-Lucent will be highlighting these capabilities and demonstrating the ability to transfer data at near gigabit rates during the North America FTTH Council's annual conference in Nashville, Tennessee, September 22-24 (Booth 907). This demonstration will illustrate GPON's capability to transfer a full-length HDTV DVD in approximately 2 minutes.

source: Alcatel-Lucent

Editor's Note: The interesting aspect of this announcement is in the GEPON world this is nothing new. Vendors such as Alloptic and Wave7 (with their new Trident7) have been able to provide optical power monitoring and MEF services such as ELINE for several years. Alloptic has also been providing this functionality as well as E1(DS1) with G.711 quality timing since its inception in 2001. This technology has been used extensively in business grade networks at carriers such as Silk (now Nextgen) Telecom here in Australia.


At 24 September, 2008 06:28 Justin said...

A-L are still behind the 8-ball really.
As you identified this is standard stuff elsewhere.


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