The overseas FTTH market is set for another boost, this time in the Indian sub-continent as at least two major Indian operators plan to deploy Fibre to the Home networks over the coming years.

In his keynote address to the 100 or so senior operator executives who attended Light Reading's inaugural industry seminar in New Delhi, Rakesh Kumar, VP of Broadband Planning for Bharti Airtel Ltd said there was "no point in building copper access networks any more", and that the operator, which provides fixed broadband services in 94 cities in India, would be deploying GPON from now on. Kumar said the operator had issued an RFP for a trial network, and expected to push ahead with a broader FTTH deployment later in 2009.

However according to thevarticle by Ray Le Maistre of Light Reading, Bharti Airtel isn't the only Indian operator with high-speed fixed access plans. BSNL, which currently has about 2.4 million DSL broadband customers, has been considering PON deployments for a few years and has now decided to invest in an extensive deployment.

In his keynote address, Shri R. K. Agarwal, director of planning and new services at BSNL, said the carrier is committed to a FTTH strategy that will see the technology rolled out in 100 cities across the country.

However according to Kumar about 70 percent of the cost of building an FTTH network was eaten up by payments to local authorities and the organizations involved in digging up the roads.


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