In a remarkable statement coming from alternative operator, TelstraClear in New Zealand, the main result of faster broadband links to the home may be more downloads of pornography and movies rather than improvements to productivity.

Speaking out against the National Party’s proposal for a NZD1.5 billion national fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) network, the CEO of TelstraClear said "At the moment we don't believe that putting fibre into every home is economic or necessary" instead "government should focus on providing improved connections for business users rather than private consumers."

Orginal article by Communications Breakdown.


At 17 September, 2008 22:21 Scott said...

What an amazing statement - and from a telecommunications executive, no less. Downloading porn and movies as the prime driver for fiber.

I am mortified, appalled, and glad to see that for once it wasn't from someone in my country.


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