In the United states, have reported on a number of the major cable operators running misleading ads that confuse customers into thinking core network fibre, Hybrid Fibre Coax and Fibre to the Node is the same thing as Fibre to the Home. Time Warner Cable is running advertising saying they offer "fiber optics without the hassle," while another smaller carrier called Charter is running ads that "reassure current Charter customers that they too have fiber optic technology bringing their homes to life."

Well here in Australia we are no different. Posted on Whirlpool recently was a thread called "Fibre optic SCAM?", where a home owner was given "glorious promises of fibre optic internet". As it turned out it was only a Cable service (as in Hybrid Fibre Coax) but this is a worrying situation. I wonder how many other customer's have been caught by this.

I have also received reports from developers who have allegedly been offered a "Fibre" solution, which - after further investigation - were actually Fibre to the Node. One developer said they had been sold on "fibre" by a carrier (or what they understood to be a fibre to the home) only to later find out the houses where connected with copper.

As indicated in a recent post on questions developers should ask their provider, ensure the first question is about the access network technology (specifically FTTH) and don't accept a product name as an explanation.


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