As some of you may be aware, Singapore's version of a National Broadband Network has been awarded to OpenNET consortium which includes Axia NetMedia and Singapore Telecom.

According to the Singapore Government, the Next Gen NBN will entrench their Infocomm hub status and open doors to new economic opportunities, business growth and social vibrancy for the country. The network will be capable of ultra high speeds of symmetric 1 Gbps or more, with initial provisioning of 100 Mbps, as opposed to our messily 12Mbps (which is not even symmetrical).

I write a column for Cabling Connections Magazine, and one of the suggestions for the next article was "FTTH, what else is it good for apart from entertainment?". It is certainly a common question which is asked of me. TelstraClear in New Zealand thinks the main result of faster broadband links to the home may be more downloads of pornography and movies rather than improvements to productivity.

But it is much more than just entertainment, and this video produced by the Singapore government gives a great representation of what a Next Gen NBN will be capable of in the coming years with a myriad of services that will empower businesses as well as homes, schools and learning institutions. It is a complete paradigm shift in our lifestyle.

A true broadband network delivering 100Mbps (or more) could allow enterprises and consumers to enjoy a range of new and exciting services such as telehealth, high-definition videoconferencing and immersive learning applications from as early as 2010. Click on the video to see how Next Gen NBN can transform the way we work, live, learn and play.


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