It seems the take over of the Ellenbrook HFC network is still suffering problems. An associate of mine who lives in Woodlake - one of the orginal Ellenbrook villages - reported to me on Friday he still has persistent problems with the TV signals since Telstra took over the network from eWire. He claims the signal levels on both digital and analogue channels can fade in and out within minutes . Sometimes it does not come back and can only get a signal again after turning off his STB or channing channels. I also see regular google searches hitting my web site with subjects such as "ellenbrook tv problems".

When Telstra took over this network they claimed it required extensive upgrades and they would be making it "carrier grade". According to the reports I hear from time to time, seems to me the quality of the network has taken a backwards step. Thankfully residents still have alternative access to copper for their Broadband Internet connections.

I have a help page on tuning your TV to the new channels If you are still having problems with TV reception I suggest calling Telstra on the specialised Ellenbrook TV help line - 1800 305 723. If you dont get any result take your complaint to LWP.


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