Canadian telecommunications company Axia NetMedia has spoken publicly on the Rudd Government's National Broadband Network, saying that unless it is built using fibre all the way to homes and businesses in metropolitan areas, then it shouldn't be built at all.

While the Government has called for the broadband network to be rolled out to 98 per cent of households, most bidders have proposed using fibre to the node (FTTN) technology rather then the better and faster Fibre to the Premises technology, which has been dismissed by some local telcos as too expensive to consider.

Axia is touting a broadband wholesale access charge of only A$15 a month, compared with the $85 a month being talked about by Telstra earlier this year. This access would also be at least five times faster at 100Mbps, but providing a very simple upgrade path to 1Gbps to each home.

The group's cost modelling is based on what it expects to offer in Singapore, where Axia is in a consortium with Optus's parent, Singapore Telecommunications, to build a $2 billion national fibre network on the island.


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