ZTE Corporation has launched a prototype of the world's first symmetrical 10G EPON equipment at the China FTTH Summit 2009 as well as OLT equipment that supports symmetrical 10G EPON and a series of ONU products.

Symmetrical 10G EPON technology is a new-generation PON technology with both upstream and downstream access rates reaching 10Gbps. It is the mainstream next-generation PON technical standard generally recognised by international standard organisations. Since its upstream bandwidth is 10 times larger than with asymmetrical 10G EPON technology, it is much more effective in terms of application capabilities and development potential.

Demand for optical access is being accelerated by the global trend towards broadband implementation. According to Ovum, 2008 saw a huge global volume of FTTX shipments led by the Asia Pacific region, with the Chinese market, particularly for EPON products, being particularly large. This has been a powerful boost for 10G EPON technology and the demand has encouraged PON developers to speed up product development and refinement. The launch of ZTE's symmetrical 10G EPON prototype marks the emergence of 10G EPON technology as the first mature standard of next-generation PON technologies.

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