Following on from a number of articles and presentations I have made about the TCO of PON v PtP, one of the points that is most relevant today is the power efficiency of the access solution.

In a presentation made by Alcatel Lucent at the FTTH conference in europe this year, they support my claim that the power consumption of PtP FTTH solutions is nearly 6 times that of a PON solution.

Estimate power consumption depending on the technology, and comparing PON against other existing technologies is as follows:
  • PON: 0.5 W/user

  • VDSL: 2 W/user

  • P2P: 3 W/user
This means that although P2P FTTH may seem to be a good option at present, it is more inexpensive than PON. If we add this power consumption with the higher maintenance costs leads to much higher OPEX than PON.


At 10 June, 2009 15:29 Anonymous said...

The difference between PTP and PON is 2.5 watts, the added cost of electricity to run a PTP system over a whole year is

2.5 watts *24 hours *365 days *the cost of electricity

Assuming 11c/kwh

That works out to $2.41 per year in electricity costs

It is less than one tenth of one percent of the average Australians electricity usage

At 12 June, 2009 08:15 Stephen Davies said...

On a per house basis that is not much, however if calculated over the whole of Australia that is 175 GigaWatts/hours of extra power required each year.

According to research a Coal fired power station (what we typical use in Australia) outputs about 0.95kgs of CO2 per Kw/hr.

That will equate to 172,681 tons of extra CO2 being produced each year.

At 30 June, 2009 16:57 Richard Duijn said...

And what if you take the power consumption of the CPE into account? E.g. the
GPON CPE: huawei HG850 which consumes <12W vs. the
P2P CPE: Genexis OCG-118 which consumes < 4 W

At 25 July, 2009 13:19 Stephen Davies said...


This analysis is for an end to end solution, including the ONTs and OLTs. This analysis was performed by KPMG.

It is well know - and I have written about this previously on this site - that the power consumption of a PtP OLT is some 10 times more than a similarly dimensioned PON solution.

Furthermore, power disapation as published by genexis is different to power consumption, its also the typical not maximum. Is typical including the Ring voltage and current required to make the phones ring?

With RF receiver its 5.6W not 4W as indicated.

The GPON/GEPON equipment I have used in the past has a typical consumption of about 5W with a maximum of 18W.

At 30 July, 2009 18:18 Richard Duijn said...

Hello Stephan,

Thanks for the reply, but it makes me even more confused.

How can it be that the estimated end-to-end power consumption for PON is 0.5 W/user, if the typical consumption of a GPON/GEPON CPE consumes between 5W and 18W?

Perhaps it becomes more clear for me when I see the analysis performed by KPMG. It this freely available?


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