The "bells-and-whistles" launch of NBN Co's first mainland release site in Armidale occurred yesterday, but its certainly didnt have anything on the Tasmanian launch.

Back in August last year, the Tasmania launch showed off over 9 different applications and services delivered over the network built by Opticomm including:
  • 100Mbps Internet
  • Standard Telephone Services (not VoIP)
  • Fax machines running over the STS
  • Live IPTV from FetchTV
  • Live SmartGrid
  • Live eHealth demonstration between nurse and patient 400kms away
  • Live High Definition Video conferencing between the launch site in Midway point and a School in Smithton using a commercially available 55" SmarTV purchased from a local retail outlet
  • High Definition ABC iView (not currently available elsewhere); plus
  • a live demonstration of a submersive classroom environment
All these benefits which the Government is pushing as the main advantages of the NBN (because I demonstrated the benefits to them), yet at the "main launch" yesterday it is my understand there was no IPTV, no Standard Telephone Service, no eHealth, no Smartgrid, no Submersive classroom and the video conferencing was using expensive enterprise grade equipment rather than the much cheaper (and better quality) solution demonstrated in Tasmania.

Add to this there are just SEVEN customers who have been connected to the network, whereas within 1 month (the same time since the first customer was connected in Armidale) Tasmania had already 70+ customers connected. And it was suggested by Archie Wilson from NBNco that Opticomm couldn't deliver their needs for greenfields.

So a demonstration which was setup in less than 4 days by Opticomm showed the full functionality of the network, but NBNco couldnt even deliver a telephone service.


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