After a series of potentially damaging articles in the media, the chief executive of NBN Co, Mike Quigley, has issued a statement admitting that he had jurisdiction of the region involved in a massive bribery scandal at Alcatel Lucent, while he was a senior executive of the company. In the statement, Mr Quigley indicates that he did not previously know he was responsible for Costa Rica, where the bribery incidents occurred

An article by Stan Beer finally reveals the truth to Quigley's responsibility for Costa Rica during the bribery scandal.

Sounds like a politician making excuses to me.

"I cannot recall. I did not know I was in charge of that."

So if he did not know he was responsible for Costa Rica he must have been derelict in his responsibilities as an Executive of a Publicly listed company. He cannot have it both ways. If I was the Minister I would be calling for his resignation for deception.


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