I have noticed quite a few google search requests on Bigpond Velocity plans hitting my blog, and speaking to several people recently they have expressed how difficult it has been to find out anything on Velocity, particularly their rate card. You cannot find it easily by navigating the Telstra or Bigpond web sites. So I have decided to provide some of the links to Telstra's web pages on Bigpond to help people find what they are looking for.

There is the Telstra Smart Community website which provides general information on Telstra's implementation of smart communities. Contains links for developers and consumers.

On that site you will find the Telstra Home Cabling document which is a basic guide on how you should wire up your home to get the best out of your Velocity service. There is also a detailed technical specification for your builder or cabler.

And here is the Bigpond Velocity Rate card which provides information on products and pricing on the available services.

If you need any further consumer advice, there is always the dedicated Velocity Helpdesk number 1800 204 128. I hope this helps.

I have also posted a full list of Australian FTTH providers


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