The question on everyone's lips at the moment: Who is Acacia?

They are a dark horse which joined the group of bidders for the National Broadband Network at the last moment with their lodgement of the $5m bond.

Acacia Australia Pty Ltd is a $3m company made up of prominent Melbourne business people which include former Telstra excutives Doug Campbell and Lawrence Paratz; ICM Australia and former Berri investor Doug Shears; Chairman of Australia Israel Chamber of Commerce Leon Kempler; director of Adsteam, Leighton Holdings, Macquarie Infrastrucuture and Virgin Blue, David Mortimer; Vice Chairman of ANZ Deutsche Bank, director of the ABC, Chairman of Film Australia, and director of Deutsche Australia Mr Steve Skala; and former Coles Myer director Solomon Lew.

The company has been very quite with a single statement which says that their bid will alleviate government concerns by making the NBN open and competitive. The key factor residing in Acacia's proposal apparently suggests the network will ultimately be returned to public control similar to the CityLink project after 25 of years.

At this stage Acacia are planning a bid which will only cover the state of Victoria.

Despite the impressive firepower, it remains unclear which telco talent Acacia has secured for its tilt. There are certainly experienced telco people in Campbell and Paratz, but like Macquarie Bank, they may soon be on the prowl for an experienced telco who can deliver the required operational and business support services.


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