In an article by Jennifer Eliot of the Cairns Post, a customer in a Telstra Smart Community estate located in the suburb of Trinity Park has experienced a five week delay in getting their Velocity connection.

Sharon Wilson, who recently moved into a rental in the Cairns suburb and manages the accounts of the family's Emerald Creek Ice-Creamery, said internet access was vital to the running of the business.

The company, which opened in February, made the decision to manage its accounts in Cairns because despite being only 9km from Mareeba, the factory had no broadband access.

"For weeks I have waited for calls and information on when they can connect us," she said.

"They just don't call you back and they generally have no understanding of what it is like to be without services."

Ms Wilson's father, Scott Dixon, described the delay as inexcusable and said Telstra should have all infrastructure in place before its Smart Communities were opened up. "They needed a part to hook us up but they ran out and they couldn't tell us when another one would be available," he said.

"But it is not good enough, we have a business to run and we need internet access.

"Not having access has caused a lot of pain and anxiety and a lot of time has been wasted trying to deal with Telstra and have the problem solved."

Mr Dixon said Telstra needed to take "ownership" of problems and not bog customers down in a complaints process that failed to provide a timely and positive outcome.

A Telstra spokeswoman said yesterday the hold-up was regretted and contractors would connect the Wilsons' phone, internet and television today. "We have done everything in our power to rectify the problem and we apologise for the delay," she said.

Customers should be aware that under the ACMA's Customer Service Guarantee Standard a Telecommunication provider is required to connect your home or business to a telephone service with 5 working days from receipt of application.

If this does not occur the Customer Service Guarantee requires the provider to:

a) Make an offer to supply an interim or alternative phone service until the service is fully optional. If such a offer is made, the cost of calls must be at the standard telephone service rate (e.g. fixed 18c for a local call); or

b) Automatically pay the customer compensation for each working day that connections are delayed beyond the maximum CSG timeframes at a rate of $14.52 for the first 5 working days and $48.40 for each working day thereafter until the service is connected.

Once an interim service offer is made or the customer refuses the offer the compensation does not apply.


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