In conjunction with TelecomWholesale, WorldxChange Communications is the company behind the delivery of FTTH to 11 new housing estates in New Zealand. Covering both the North and South Islands, the estates include:

Delamain, Little Oaks, Marsden Valley, Perriam Cove, Silverdale, Long Bay, Riverside Park, Peninsula Bay, Karaka Ridge, Jacks Point and Preston Downs. You can find details of these estates at the Australian and New Zealand FTTH Communities Map

Quoting from their web site:

"Our network has been developed over the past five years with a vision that some day customers would be able to shed the limitations of the old copper network and benefit from New Zealand's inevitable entry into the modern world."

"Now that fibre has begun to be installed into some New Zealand homes that day has arrived."

"With the implementation of fibre to the home, you now have access to this next generation in telecommunications technology."

"Xnet Fusion is by definition a combined voice, data and media product that is delivered over a single line; eliminating the need for separate voice and Internet access service. In Fibre connected homes, the true power of Xnet Fusion will be brought to life. Subscribers will enjoy faster speeds, more reliability and as products become available, more services than ever before!"

Pricing is a fixed $199 installation fee and a choice of either NZ$45 per month for the basic Internet and Phone or NZ$99 per month for High Speed Internet and Phone. There is no further definition of what basic Internet actually means, but on their Xnet Brochure the high speed service is up to 30Mbps down/6 Mbps up. Much better than the 10Mbps offered in Pegasus Town by TelstraClear.


At 21 June, 2008 09:20 Stephen Davies said...

It seems TelecomWholesale (the FTTH network operator which WorldxChange uses) have been a little bit loose with the facts.

In a presentation in February and on their website TelecomWholesale claim to be deploying FTTH at Marsden Valley and Jacks Point, but information from my sources in New Zealand say that the developers of these two locations have not made any decision to go with TelecomWholesale.


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