According to some media reports recently Telstra is working on deploying a “secret” fibre to the home (FttH) network, regardless of whether it wins the government NBN project. The claims by the media where based on a report by telecommunications analyst Paul Budde, in which he suggests Telstra has "FTTH as an end game" and deploying it "totally independent of any National Broadband Network (NBN)".

While Telstra is currently deploying FttH into some greenfield estates, they dont have any strategic plans to replace their existing copper infrastructure with an all fibre one. In fact back in February this year, Telstra Ceo Sol trujillo quashed speculation they were pursuing a Fibre to the Home proposal with the government, saying the company was taking a "pragmatic" approach to deliver Fibre to the Node economically.

At Telstra's half year presentation of their financial results Trujllo was asked if they were looking at FTTH, to which he responded, "the answer simple is no, in a broad sense" and further added, "while FTTH is economically viable in greenfield deployments, overbuilding legacy networks would cause costs to skyrocket."


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