I have updated the list of white papers published and resolved some of the formatting issues caused by google docs. You can view the list of 15 white papers, some of which are written by myself, that I have collected by clicking on the White papers tab above and following the link here:


Papers include:

  • Introduction to Fibre to the Home
  • FTTH, A necessary future
  • IPTV, secrets to a successful deployment
  • Application Drivers for FTTH Networks
  • Creating a Smart Community
  • Building an Open FTTH Network
  • FTTH Topology options and Considerations
  • Issues for developers considering FTTP
  • A Guided tour of PON Solutions
  • FTTH is greener
  • FTTH Broadband Primer
  • Examples of Centralised Splitters using FDH
  • GPON versus EPON
  • Active vs PON: FTTx Technology Choices
  • Opportunities for Fiber-Enabled Healthcare Services to The Home
  • Towards Technologically and Competitively Neutral Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Infrastructure


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