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The Acting Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Anthony Albanese MP, today released final instruments setting out the network information that carriers are to provide for the National Broadband Network process, and the rules to safeguard the information.

The release of these instruments is a key moment in the National Broadband Network process.

It provides proponents with certainty over the information that will be provided, the timeline over which this will occur and arrangements to safeguard the information.

The Government has already received a significant amount of information from Telstra that it is ready to provide to proponents. This can occur when proponents have certified appropriate security arrangements are in place.

The instruments commence on 8 August 2008, with carriers being required to submit the network information by close of business 22 August 2008. Once the information has been reviewed it will be forwarded to proponents.

When all required network information has been released to proponents, the Government will announce the final closing date for National Broadband Network proposals. Proponents will have 12 weeks to consider the network information.

The Government has carefully considered submissions on the draft network information instruments released on 18 July 2008.

The Government made some changes to the instruments to clarify issues and provide carriers with greater flexibility in how they provide information.

More information regarding the National Broadband Network project, including copies of the three instruments, is available at:


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