Having made several posts now on TERRiA and Acacia about their NBN bids, its time I look at Axia NetMedia the forth national bidder.

According to their web site "Axia takes care of planning, designing and operating open access broadband networks." It's small company when compared to the likes of Optus, Telstra or even Acacia, but it has some reasonable growth, positive earnings, no long-term debt and a pile of cash.

They are the leading member of the OpenNet consortium (with SingTel and a number of other firms) that won the NetCo business (passive fiber network) for the Singapore FTTH network. They also built the Albert SuperNet in Canada, a substainial fibre optic network covering the majority of the state.

They are true advocates of the "Open Access Philosophy", and unlike Telstra or Optus they dont have a retail arm competiting against other providers on their network. Contary to what Telstra has been promoting as Open Access, it is regarded around the world that Open Access precludes the network operator also retailing services in competition to others using the network.

Recently they released their Q3 results. Some interesting points from the release:

Axia is also qualified to respond to the second Singapore RFP, to build the active layer (OpCo). The network is supposed to be full open access and vertically/structurally separated.

Axia has 4 proposals oustanding in France. Decisions are expected by the end of this year.


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