Accord to an article on the ABC news site, Brisbane City Council has agreed to a business study into a proposal to investigate the fesability to rollout FTTH throughout the city.

The council has committed $500,000 for a business study into an ultra high speed service. The plan is to roll out the service to homes and businesses, delivering speeds between 100 megabits and one gigabit per second. The chairwoman of the Council's Economic Development Committee, Jane Prentice, says the service could start being rolled out next year.

At least one local government is taking the lead on our need for a true broadband network. Well done Brisbane!


At 08 January, 2009 12:19 Brad Wynter said...


A number of Councils have been working in this space for a long while (even though it has been a federal responsibility). I work for the City of Whittlesea that has been working since 2001 in this space and has been instrumental in getting the Aurora Estate in place as well as other proposed estates. Whittlesea has championed the Open Access model in FTTH in greenfield estates. We are continuing to work towards proper open access networks specifically in greenfield estates.


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