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Commonwealth, state, territory and local governments today jointly released a framework to accelerate the development and use of broadband in Australia.

"Broadband is a vital digital economy enabler and we need to be acting now to develop our capabilities to utilise our investments," said Senator Stephen Conroy, Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy. "This framework reinforces Australias development as a leading digital economy."

Senator Conroy today joined with representatives of state, territory and local governments for the 16th meeting of the Online and Communications Council in Melbourne. Participants jointly released the Framework for the collaborative development and use of broadband in Australia. The framework identifies key principles for developing broadband and sets strategies for three priority objectives:

* All Australians have access to high-speed broadband at equitable service levels and prices.

* Australians are fully aware of the benefits of high-speed broadband, and are able to choose a broadband service that meets their needs.

* Australians use high-speed broadband to improve economic, environmental and social wellbeing.

"This framework is a first for Australia as it outlines a national commitment to broadband collaboration and cooperation between all tiers of government," Senator Conroy said.

"The framework enables us to collectively focus on practical and achievable strategies to further develop and facilitate the use of broadband and ensure our success in the digital economy."

The framework can be viewed online at the Council's web site


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