It seems I am not the only one thinking Acacia has a real opportunity at winning the contract to build and operate the National Broadband Network.

Paul Budde, one of Australia's eminent telecom analysts had this to say about Acacia:

"The man behind Acacia is most probably Australia’s foremost national infrastructure expert. Doug Campbell was the man and the brains behind the early successes of Telstra Country Wide (TCW), before he and that organisation was sidelined by Sol Trujillo. Under his leadership Telstra had an opportunity to follow a more cooperative path towards a network sharing model; however his quiet diplomacy on that issue was bulldozed by Trujillo. And I can guess who some of the hundred people are that have been working with him on this project. Several of them will also go back to those successful early TCW days."

You can read Paul's full article here

Well Telstra, you certainly have a strong challenger with Acacia. Perhaps your $5billion proposal isn't looking so good anymore.


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