In the context of a briefing with Cisco regarding their FTTH strategy, a colleague of mine in the FibreRing and Yankee Group analyst - Benoit Felten - was invited to a Telepresence conference last week. Participants were spread around Europe, with one in the UK, one in Vienna and one in Munich. There were a couple of his associates from the US too, but unfortunately they could not make it to a telepresence facility, so they were just webexing into the conference.

Telepresense is not just some fantasy, it is reality and Cisco have over 150 rooms installed worldwide for their own needs. In the first year alone Cisco's travel budget went down by 25%. Imagine the savings a company could make if they had economical access to a true broadband network and could communicate with staff in full motion video at home.

As Benoit points out towards the end of his post, Telepresence requires a lot of bandwidth and symmetrical at that.


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