Malcolm Maiden of The Age, has written and interesting article about Telstra's approach and the legal arguements which have ultimately resulted in the Government rejecting the Telco's bid on the grounds it failed to comply with the requirements of the bid.

Extracting the commentary from his article: There were only five non-negotiable legal requirements in the Government's Request for Tenders to build the National Broadband Network.

* The first was that the proposal be written in English.

* The second was that measurements used in the proposal conform with Australian standards - be metric, in essence.

* The third was that the proposal be signed by the proposer; and

* A fourth was that any offer to build the network in more than one state should be an offer to build the network nationally.

* The fifth was that it include a plan about how to involve small and medium enterprises in the building of the new network when Telstra lodged its proposal.


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