In famous american baseball style, Sol Trujillo's team has just gone down in a shutout! For those not familiar with the term, it means they did not score a single run in the game - something rather embarrassing for the "Dream Team" of American executives currently running Australia's national carrier.

Coach Trujillo believes there is still the chance Team Telstra would get a look-in to the World Series of baseball (aka the next stage of the bid). "The RFP process leads only to the Minister getting a recommendation. It is open for the government to re-engage with Telstra if and when it wishes," he said. "The Minister can talk to whoever he wants to talk to after the panel reports to the Minister. He can decide to take to cabinet whatever proposal he chooses. The cabinet will then make a decision."

However the company has not decided on whether to take legal action with this coming again from Trujillo, "we reserve our rights on future action. It is too early to rule anything in or out and we remain hopeful that sense will prevail outside the RFP process at a later date".

Even if the decision by the Government does spell curtains, the telco has other options it can consider. Trujillo pointed to the possibility of extending the company's HFC network or increasing speeds of its NextG mobile network. What he left out was upgrading their own fixed line network to compete with the NBN. Sure they don't get the $4.7b from the government, but Telstra had already committed $5b in upgrades (which has not been spent) two years ago.

In a hint as to their response on losing the deal, Trujillo added "Even after decisions and legislation, there is a lot of time left to run before anyone else starts building. In which case any real impact on Telstra, even assuming we don't respond, and of course we will respond competitively, is years away," and his last words "Nothing stops Telstra!"


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