At greenfield developments around Australia, Internode is partnering with housing estate telecoms specialist OptiComm to deliver Australia's fastest commercial broadband services for retail customers.

OptiComm, a Hills Industries joint venture company, specialises in providing Fibre-to-the-Home networks for new housing estates. Internode is delivering retail broadband services over the OptiComm network.

Internode's first Home Fibre services will be connected at Queensland's Fernbrooke estate, a development by Urban Pacific at Redbank Plains, located 32km south-west of the Brisbane CBD. Fernbrooke comprises more than 1000 homes built around 20 hectares of recreational space and parkland.

Among a dozen planned projects, Internode is also partnering with OptiComm to deliver Fibre to the Home services at the Lochiel Park and Northgate developments in South Australia.

Internode Home Fibre plans cost from $49.95 a month for a service with a 25 Mbps downstream speed and a five gigabyte (GB) download quota. Home Fibre services are also available at downstream speeds of 50 Mbps and 100 Mbps. With Internode Home Fibre services, the quoted downstream speed is actually delivered to the home's Ethernet port, unlike the "best effort" speeds provided by traditional ADSL2+ services.

Internode managing director Simon Hackett said Internode Home Fibre was a "future-proof" broadband service that could operate for decades. "Just as copper served Australia well during the 20th century, fibre will provide the countrys nervous system for the 21st century," he said.

"Fibre to the Home is emerging as the broadband delivery model of choice internationally, with more than 13 million FTTH-connected homes in Japan, six million in the US, a similar number in China and nearly two million FTTH subscribers in Europe.*"

"Internode's ability to deliver a 25 Mbps Fibre to the Home service for less than $50 a month and a true 100 Mbps service for less than $100 demonstrates that technology is not the barrier to deploying a world-best broadband system in Australia."

"Our testing shows that Internode Home Fibre service is working extremely well, delivering outcomes at up to eight times faster than the National Broadband Network target speed of 12 Mbps. NBN speeds stopped being the future quite some time ago. Significantly, FTTH is scaleable in the future to speeds far greater than that again."

"This is an example of one of the many projects Internode has been quietly working away on for a while. We think it's a very exciting initiative, demonstrating that in the real world, the future for residential broadband is clearly Fibre to the Home - and Internode is thrilled to be a part of making it happen - today."

As well as access to Australia's fastest retail broadband service, Internode Home Fibre subscribers will receive access to a phone service that provides a conventional 'dial tone' voice service to each subscribing household, directly from the OptiComm termination unit in the home.

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* FTTH subscriber numbers come from


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