The launch of Australia's first 100Mbps residential broadband service is hitting front page news on many of the technology sites.

Whirlpool - Australia's premier broadband blog - has seen hundreds of posts supporting the release of the product that it is 8 times faster than the NBN and delivering true Open Access to the community.

With articles also on ZDnet, APCmag, ITnews, the message is coming in fast and strong that people want FTTH.

One post from whirlpool's news release said this:

By the time I'm ready to look for my first house in another few years I hope to see more and more new estates with access to Node FTTH as that is going to be a massive selling point for me! Northgate is only a few minutes from my current home.....hmmm :)

Hopefully more and more developers will see the light and tell Telstra to piss off with their smart community garbage and opt for OptiComm instead.

If OptiComm and Node can supply such excellent speed/data plans for FTTH, what's Telstra's excuse?

This seems to be a common sentiment throughout the posts.

Internode have said they are to deliver services over the Opticomm network which has plans to rollout to another 16 estates which is growing on a monthly basis.


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