In a rare show of unity Telecom NZ, TelstraClear and Vodafone have commissioned a joint study that is highly critical of the government's $NZ1.5b plan to deliver fibre to 75 percent of New Zealand within six years. TUANZ has branded the study as "backward-looking, negative and self serving."

Stuart Corner writes about a study which was missioned from Castalia, a French company that says "For New Zealand consumers to gain substantial benefits from fibre to the home, they must be willing to pay access prices that reflect the cost of rolling out fibre to the home, and in many cases will have to invest in upgrades to their home wiring and equipment...There is considerable uncertainty about how much demand for high speed broadband there will be in the future, and when this will emerge. This uncertainty is behind the current, low, level of investment in fibre to the home."


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