It has been suggested by the Australian Financial Review the ANZ Banking Group is working with Acacia - now the leading bidder for the National Broadband Network - in a project finance advisory role to help scope out how Acacia could raise debt funding for the project.

They go on to claim, Deutsche Bank is advising on additional funding options including vendor finance from their equipment suppliers Fujitsu, Nokia Siemens Networks and Juniper.

AFR if you are going to report on a subject at least do some research first. Part of the RFP was to provide evidence in their submission of the bidder's financial ability to complete the project. Acacia would not be starting now to secure that funding, in my opinion it was well and truely locked away before the $5m bond was put forward.

Secondly in my opinion few telecommunication equipment vendors would be interested in providing vendor financing due to previous disasters in this area and the global economic crisis adding to the problems of rasing cash. Particularly Fujitsu who recently annouced a projected lost for (Japanese) financial year ending March 2009 of US$272 (A$388) million dollars and cut 1750 jobs in the Philipenes with further cuts planned worldwide.


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