I wont yet say "I told you so", but it is looking more and more like an Acacia win in the National Broadband Network. Senator Conroy let slip during Senate debate this week with a change of phrasing that it was "Labor's plan to deliver faster broadband to 100% of the population". The only bidder to have made a submission to the government which covers 100% of the population is Acacia.

Luke Coleman has written an article on this http://www.commsday.com/node/322, which reiterates what I said in an article back in November last year - before the tenders where even submitted.

I made the connection to Leightons as the construction firm, Nextgen as the backhaul provider, the ex Telstra executives, the relationship with Israel Chamber of Commerce, the connect with ANZ and Deutsche Bank back in June 2008.

I await confidently from anonymous to collect my bet.


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